April 10th, 2006

lean [kageotogi]


Still in New York. I met Kitazawa outside the park a while back and we came to what, I suppose, could be called a temporary truce. Then we collected the Nina girl and went to Tohma's old apartment to figure out what will happen next. Kitazawa doesn't seem all that comfortable in Tohma's apartment, and to that I say "good". Fuck him Serves him right.

Nina says I'm not allowed to say bad words anymore. Whatever. She's not too much of an annoyance, I guess, all things considered. Her father is apparently hanging out somewhere further West, so I guess Kitazawa and I will have to watch her for a little while longer.

The Brat is still in France and discovering how inconvenient it is not to know the vernacular. Dumbass should have paid more attention in school. Still, he's managing, and that's good. (And the people he has been meeting have inspired interesting conversations about ears, of all things. Even better.)

Things to do, Kitazawa to ignore. I've still got to figure out why the bastard is alive again.
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